dailyplanet.org.uk is the blog of Matthew LJ Wootton, a prominent English member of the Green Party and a green campaigner. Matt is currently travelling in Central & South America, after arriving in New York by ship at the start of 2010.

The aim of dailyplanet.org.uk is to imagine how ordinary people will have to live in the 21st century, how we can make things better for ourselves, what lessons we can learn from the past and other countries, and what our future is likely to look like. The emphasis is on a personal, community and even family perspective.

Topics naturally include climate change, energy, technology, social cohesion, and Peak Oil – the point at which oil is most plentiful and after which it will start to become more and more expensive and hard to obtain.

However, dailyplanet.org.uk will be told from a personal perspective, emphasising how issues in our everyday lives can connect to bigger global issues.

Brought up as a classical musician, professionally Matt has most recently worked for Lancaster-based media arts organisation folly, which sustained his interest in art and technology.

With a background as a green and social justice campaigner, and a degree in sociology, music and philosophy, Matt’s work for the Green Party includes the vital posts of Publications Co-ordinator in the last European Election and the chief External Communications Co-ordinator in the 2005 General Election. He has also held many voluntary committee posts inside the party, and has recently been a key proponent of Leadership posts inside the Green Party, helping to win the party-wide referendum.

Matt’s interests therefore centre around professionalising the Green Party and the Green movement, and seeing them achieve influence and success in their vital objectives. Matt is currently developing a portfolio of writing on “reframing” Green issues, with an emphasis on professionalising and popularising the green message. His work with British academic Rupert Read is at www.greenwordsworkshop.org.uk

To see Matt’s personal site, complete with social networking links, please visit www.mattwootton.com